Financial risks insurance covers contractual obligations. When an insured party, whose liability is subject to the insurance, fails to meet such obligations, the insurer assumes the obligations instead of the contracting party.

We provide a wide range of financial risks insurance products:

  • Warranty Insurance (contractual, customs debt, VAT)
  • Insolvency Insurance for Travel Agencies
  • Insolvency Insurance for Employment Agencies
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) in CASCO Insurance
  • Extended Warranty Insurance
  • Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB) ​​including Computer Crime Insurance and Internet Banking Risks (Internet Banking Clause)
  • Trade Credit Insurance in the event of insolvency, protracted default and political risks (insurance of export and import contracts, insurance of investments and projects financing)
  • Adverse weather insurance
  • Cancellation of Events Insurance (sporting events, music concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, festivals and other public events of all kinds)
  • Prize Indemnities
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