Terrorism, War and
Political Risks

Insurance of terrorism, war or political risks is usually excluded. For some types of insurance, however, terrorism cover can be arranged as a special extension. In other cases, it can be arranged as individual insurance.

The scope of cover varies from one insurer to another, but usually includes the following risks:

  • Attack on human lives leading to bodily harm or death
  • Kidnapping and holding hostages
  • Destruction of government or public facilities, transport systems, infrastructure including information systems, public places or private property, which endangers human lives and leads to economic losses
  • Abduction of an aircraft, ship or other means of transport for the transport of persons or cargo
  • Preparation and use of weapons, explosives, including nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, to endanger human lives and health
  • Disruption or interruption of water, electricity or other energy supplies to endanger human life and health
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